A Look Into Sanctuary South

dream comes true

Sanctuary South has been a dream in the making for many, many years. Although we were not sure what exactly would come to fruition, we have been so thrilled to finally see Sanctuary South become a reality and something that we are truly proud of. At Sanctuary South, we strive to find items that meet our customers wants and needs, while creating an atmosphere that is comparable to none. Our Christian music, light hues, high ceilings, and beautiful paintings create an atmosphere in which our customers feel relaxed and in a place that they can dream and peruse, while creating relationships with our Sanctuary South team. We wanted to give our friends a sneak peek into the brilliant minds behind our safe-haven and find out what it takes to make your dreams a reality; below, we interviewed our owners to get the scoop!

Chelsea-Skye Netter + Suzy Mills make up the mother-daughter duo behind Sanctuary South; here are their thoughts on their dream-come-true business.

*When did you start dreaming of owning your own store?

CN: I started dreaming of owning my own store during my mid-teenage years.

SM: As soon as I bought a house in Westhaven, I had a dream of opening a store and helping Westhaven be an amazing community. 

*Why did you choose the name Sanctuary South for your store?

CN: We wanted to provide a place that felt like a sanctuary + our deep love for the South; we aim to provide items that will allow our customers to create a personal sanctuary.

SM: Being located in Westhaven, we had some inspiration; a synonym for "haven" is "sanctuary". We really felt that "Sanctuary South" embodied the store and our dreams for the store perfectly.

*What makes Sanctuary South different from other home + gift stores?

CN: We love to support local vendors from the South that keep our heritage running deep throughout the store, while also bringing in items from larger vendors to make sure we are providing many options for every taste. We genuinely care about our customers, and we want to form a relationship with each one!

SM: We are very involved in our community, and we enjoy meeting our customers who come far and wide to see us. We love feeling that our customers feel safe and happy in our store. We are always here to pray for our customers and lift them up! 

*Why did you choose your location, and what makes it so great?

CN: We have lived in Westhaven for 11 years and have dreamed of opening a store here for many of those years. We are truly blessed to be located in a community that we call "home" and experience the support from our neighbors. 

SM: Westhaven is a large development that is continually growing and gaining attention; this has seemed like the perfect location to set up shop! We are so excited about the growth of this community!

*What is your favourite part of owning Sanctuary South?

CN: It's like Christmas everyday with all of the new shipments that are constantly coming in--who doesn't love that?! I thoroughly enjoy getting to meet everyone that comes into Sanctuary South, and we love our vendors who help to make this store possible!

SM: I love that we can provide a go-to place for our customers when they are getting ready to host guests, or need a gift. It is so fun and special to help our customers pick out that perfect gift or the perfect home accessory! 

*What do you hope comes out of opening and owning your own store, and how do you hope it impacts your customers?

CN: Through the personal relationships we build, Sanctuary South doesn't even feel like work; my hope and goal for this store is to continue to grow and to be present in the minds of our customers and future customers as not just a store, but as a brand--a relationship, a true safe-haven. We strive for our team to be the best and to meet the wants and needs of our customers. As I am going to be offering my Interior Design services in the near future (stay tuned!), I hope to further help my customers! 

SM: I hope this store impacts our customers positively and that they truly feel our mission every time each one steps through our open doors! This has been such a dream for us to pursue, and we can only hope that we will be around for many, many years and events to help you prepare for!